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Swedish film Jägarna - now released with English subtitles
Here is some good news -- and a golden opportunity. A Swedish film that was originally only available with Finnish and Norwegian subtitles - has now been released with the original Swedish audio, and English subtitles.
"Jägarna" (The Hunters) is considered by many the best Swedish thriller since Wideberg's "Mannen på taket" (Man on the roof).
It is unfortunate for the English-speaking world that the politics at SF (Swedish Film) keep getting in the way of distributing great movies like "Arn" (The Knight Templar) and "Män som hatar kvinnor" (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) with English subtitles. I know some of you reading this are Swedes living abroad who would like to share some Swedish classics like "Utvandrarna" and "Äppelkriget" with friends where you live. But without English subtitles, that is quite difficult.
My sources at SF tell me that what happened to this movie is not unlikely what happened to "Den Osynlige" and "Insomnia." My guess is that the folks at SF are all sitting in their tiny offices waiting for a Hollywood producer to show interest in one of their titles... Well, here's what I've learned happened to this movie.
Hollywood wanted to make a remake of "Jägarna." Kjell Sundvall was positive to this as long as it was a "First Blood" type of film. But the American producers who wanted to buy the rights wanted to make it about cowboys in the Nevada desert, shooting horse for fun. Kjell Sundvall didn't sell the rights after he heard this.
Want a few more movie suggestions?
(I've included links to the films on DVD - in case you want more information)
With English subtitles:
(LINK) * Jägarna (The Hunters)
(LINK) * Den osynlige (Original version of The Invisible)
(LINK) * Eldsdansen (Irene Huss)
(LINK) * Mankell's Wallander
(LINK) * Masjävlar (Dalecarlians)
(LINK) * Så som i himmelen (As in Heaven)
(LINK) * Änglagård (The Angel Farm)
(LINK) * BlackJack
(LINK) * Dag och Natt (Day and Night)

And a few without:
(LINK) * Arn (The Knight Templar)
(LINK) * Män som hatar kvinnor (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
(LINK) * Anna Holt
(LINK) * Äppelkriget (The Apple Wars)
(LINK) * Utvandrarna (The Emigrant Saga)
(LINK) * Hassel
(LINK) * Mannen på taket (Man on the Roof)

About DVD Regions
This section is for those of us who live and work in North America...
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